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If you attend the writers’ conference you will be spoiled within an inch of your life by SVWC staff.

On your first day at registration you’ll see our stunning amphitheater where many talks are given. Close by, at an old-fashioned Opera House, there will be a movie followed by a discussion with the filmmaker. An hour before the opening event, friends gather near the Pavilion for an outdoor reception. Summer days are long and usually warm (in spite of the occasional mountain storm or chill)  and it will stay light until close to 10 pm.

Each day begins with continental breakfast on the Sun Valley Lodge terrace.  As the day unfolds, talks, sessions and lively picnic lunches are all within easy walking distance.

The event concludes Monday afternoon with an alfresco lunch on the fabled terrace of the Sun Valley Lodge, which overlooks an outdoor ice rink, home to Olympic Gold medalists as well as local skaters. No wonder E. L. Doctorow has called SVWC “the best summer camp” he’s ever been to.

  • SIDES, Hampton - Credit Gary Oakley - 11-28-2014  

    Hampton Sides

    "By December Edison was making public demonstrations and taking his first commercial orders. ‘We will make electricity so cheap,’ he said, ‘that only the rich will burn candles.’"


    "But I plucked a new, different, worldly soul for myself—maybe a soul I found in the spray thrown up by the surge of that distant African river as it plummets onto black rocks and sends up into the sun a permanent arc of a rainbow."

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