Did you every wonder. . .

Whether the conference is open only to writers?
Absolutely not. This is a festival for readers and writers, but mostly readers.

Who selects the presenters?
Literary Director John Burnham Schwartz and Associate Director Anne Taylor Fleming, in consultation with a number of advisors, make these choices and shape the program.

What is the nature of the program?
It is a broad mix of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, current affairs, filmmaking and music.

Is there one constant feature?
The program is always anchored by strong writers.

Is there a particular point of view?
All presenters are advised that the program is intended to be nonpartisan. We encourage intelligent, civil discourse.

Is SVWC like other writers’ conferences around the country?
No. We are quite different in that we are about ideas, rather than “the business” of publishing, writing, or reviewing manuscripts.

How to get on mailing list?
Please email us at info@svwc.com with your contact information and an email address. Or call 208.726.5454.

How to make suggestions about books and authors?
Email your ideas to info@svwc.com and we’ll make sure they get passed on to the Literary Team.

Can I bring my pet into the Pavilion?
Sorry—as much as we love pets, please leave them at home for Pavilion events. Well-behaved pets are permitted on the lawn during lawn talks. Please do not leave any pet inside your car for any length of time.