Sun Valley – Info & Activities

Weather and Dress

You will be in the West, where living is casual. You’ll also be at 6,000 feet where it can be hot and dry. A cautionary note: drink lots of water.

In the daytime, be comfortable in shorts, jeans, khakis, tennis shoes or sandals. Bring a sweater for the evenings, when the temperature drops and mountain storms occasionally arise.

Ties are rarely seen in Sun Valley.


Activities in Sun Valley

Sun Valley is an outdoor-lover’s paradise, with hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, fly fishing, tennis, golf, white water rafting and canoeing.

If you need assistance in planning special activities, contact Visit Sun Valley at 1-800–634-3347 or visit their website at

For information on Sun Valley Resort activities: 208-622-2135.

Conference volunteers will also be available to help you plan outdoor activities.

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