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Kabul/Jalalabad, Afghanistan 10-16 March 2006: CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour and CNN’s terrorism expert Peter Bergen track Osama Bin Laden as they interview various subjects who knew Bin Laden during his time in Afghanistan. CNN visited his former home in Kabul as well as his bombed out compound near the city of Jalalabad. CNN spoke with former front line commanders from the battles of Tora Bora as well as the governor of Kabul and others who encountered Bin Laden. Amanpour and Bergen were accompanied on this trip by CNN cameraman Mark Phillips, Field Producer Piere Bairin, Senior Producer Ken Shiffman and Producer/ Editor Cliff Hackel. *** Local Caption *** CNN

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SVWC is proud to announce the arrival of our newest form of sharing the conference: a podcast called Beyond the Page. Narrated by John Burnham Schwartz, Beyond the Page will explore past conference talks, weaving together writers’ ideas in a half-hour podcast once a month. Episode 1, featuring Anthony Doerr’s 2015 talk titled “The Beautiful Art … Continued

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