Book Releases

We are excited about these new releases from our current and alumni SVWC writers. Click on each book cover below for more information.

November 2017

Garden of the Lost and Abandoned by Jessica Yu

October 2017

Leonardo daVinci by Walter IsaacsonThe Runaway Species by David Eagleman
Lock and Key: The Downward Spiral by Ridley PearsonWatch Out! A Giant!
Truevine by Beth MacyEric Carle TreasuryMerry Christmas

Paperback edition available
October 17

September 2017

World Monuments
Five Carat Soul
Hey Willy See the Pyramids
Koh I Nor
An Old Forest Road

August 2017

Poetry Will Save Your Life

July 2017

Angel Catbird

May 2017

A Trio of Tolerable Tales
Between Them

April 2017

Letters to a Young Writer