Walter Isaacson

2012: The Passions of Steve Jobs

In 2009, WALTER ISAACSON signed on to write the authorized biography of Apple icon Steve Jobs, the man who created the most profitable company in the world and helped invent the iUniverse in which we now live. Over the next two years, as Jobs fought pancreatic cancer, Isaacson interviewed him over 40 times. He also spoke with 100 family members, friends, and foes of the legendary executive. The instant global bestseller paints a compelling portrait of the contrarian genius, with all his gifts and complexities. Isaacson talks about the man, his passions, his focus, and his ambition, all of which remained intense to the end. As a master biographer, Isaacson also offers perspective on the forces that drive great leaders and on where Steve Jobs fits in the American pantheon.

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Photo credit: Barbi Reed