Panel Discussion – Arthur C. Brooks, Heather McGhee, and Evan Osnos with Judy Woodruff: “Will Democracy Survive?”

Can America hold on to its democracy? That is the big question facing a country that is riven by everything from gun rights to voting rights to reproductive rights—a country where many in the media thrive on exacerbating those divides and where economic inequality and racism are part of the national fabric. The deeply respected PBS NewsHour anchor JUDY WOODRUFF will discuss these issues with our diverse and thoughtful panel: ARTHUR C. BROOKS, former head of the American Enterprise Institute, Harvard professor, and author of 12 best-selling books; HEATHER McGHEE, an expert in economic and social policy; and EVAN OSNOS, National Book Award winner and staff writer for The New Yorker. All have written about what separates Americans and what can—and must—bring us back together.