SVWC NOW Presents: “A Conversation with A. Scott Berg”
SVWC NOW Presents: “A Conversation with George Packer”
SVWC NOW Presents: “A Conversation with Dr. Abraham Verghese”
2019 Pavilion: Miriam Pawel & Kathleen Brown – “The Browns of California”
2019 Pavilion: Andrew Roberts – “Churchill: Walking with Destiny”
2019 Pavilion: Carl Hiaasen – “The Case Against Intelligent Design: True Stories from Florida”
2019 Pavilion: Mitch Landrieu – “E Pluribus Unum”
2019 Pavilion: Dani Shapiro – “The End of Secrets”
2019 Pavilion: Julie Lythcott-Haims – “Real American”
2019 Pavilion: Martin Amis – “Martin Amis & The Rub of Time”
2019 Pavilion: Kwame Anthony Appiah – “The Lies That Bind”
2019 Pavilion: Rick Atkinson – “The British Are Coming”
2019 Pavilion: Dave Eggers – “Word & Deed”
Pablo Cartaya @ The Community Library
Overheard @ SVWC 2019: Min Jin Lee and Mitch Kaplan
Overheard @ SVWC 2019: Novelist Madhuri Vijay Chats with SVWC Fellow Ada Zhang
Celebrating SVWC’s 25th Anniversary – 2019
SVWC 2019 “In Memoriam: W. S. Merwin”
Overheard @ SVWC 2018: “Sportswriting and Norwich“
Overheard @ SVWC 2018: “Global Writing and the Rise of Women Novelists”
Overheard @ SVWC 2018: “Hemingway’s Legacy in Literature and Sun Valley”
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