SVWC 2016 Breakout Registration

Registration Instructions

You will need the Registration Code you were emailed to complete this form. Please enter both your first and second choices for all available breakout time slots using the SVWC Program that was mentioned in that same email.
  • This unique code was included in your email and is required to confirm your identity and attendance. Please copy & paste it into this field. It should look something like this: "0281D22F-B34F-F340-B9F0-571D5435793B".

  • Please leave the name fields empty if the name shown on your email is correct. You only need to use the First & Last Name fields to: 1) Assign a "Guest of xxx" pass, 2) Re-assign the pass to someone else or 3) Provide us the preferred informal name for the person that was shown on the Breakout Registration email you received (we will be printing this name on the pass-holder's lanyard).

    If you assign a "Guest of xxx" pass or reassign a pass to someone else, please use the Question/Comment section at the end of this form to provide their email, address and phone number.
  • First Choice for Breakout Sessions

    The SVWC attempts to give everybody their first choice with all breakouts but we occasionally need to restrict attendees based on venue size. Please enter your first choices for each breakout breakout slot below.

    If you won't be attending a particular breakout, please use the "Z. Not Attending" option as all breakout slots must have *something* in them to complete the form.

  • Second Choice for Breakout Sessions

    Occasionally we are required to limit attendance to some sessions or are forced to give people their second choice because of last minute speaker cancellations. Please provide your second breakout choices below.

  • You can also provide contact information if you need to re-assign a pass per the instructions above.
  • If you'd like to be emailed a confirmation of the breakout choices you've made here then please fill in the Attendee Email field to let us know where to send it. You should see it within 5-10 minutes of pressing the "Register Now!" button below.