Writers & Presenters

We are busy putting together our group of presenters and the program for SVWC 2018. A preliminary list of confirmed writers is below. Please check back often as we will continue to add more names. A complete list of 2018 presenters along with photos and bios will be posted here in the spring.

KEN AULETTA – Author and New Yorker Contributor
STEVE COLL – Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist, Author, and New Yorker Staff Writer
EDWIDGE DANTICAT – Author, MacArthur Fellow, and National Book Award Finalist
WADE DAVIS – Photographer, Author, Filmmaker, and National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence
JOANNE FREEMAN – Author and Yale University History Professor
ANN B. FRIEDMAN – Educator and Founder of Planet Word Museum
THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN – Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times Columnist
JEANNE GANG – Architect and MacArthur Fellow
ELIZA GRISWOLD – Poet and Journalist
TERRANCE HAYES – National Book Award-winning Poet, MacArthur Fellow, and NYU Distinguished Writer-in-Residence
ADAM JOHNSON – Pulitzer Prize-winning Novelist and Stanford University Creative Writing Professor
NICOLE KRAUSS – Novelist and National Book Award Finalist
KARAN MAHAJAN – Novelist, Essayist, Critic, and National Book Award Finalist
MAILE MELOY – Novelist and Short-story Writer
NADER MOUSAVIZADEH – Author, Global Policy Advisor, and Former United Nations Officer
MARK SALZMAN – Novelist, Memoirist, and Cellist
KAMILA SHAMSIE – Pakistani Novelist
GILLIAN SLOVO – Novelist, Playwright, and Memoirist
SAM TANENHAUS – Biographer, Historian, and Former Editor of The New York Times Book Review
AMOR TOWLES – Novelist and Former Investment Professional
GENE LUEN YANG – Graphic Novelist and MacArthur Fellow
JESSICA YU – Author and Academy Award-winning Filmmaker
FAREED ZAKARIA – CNN Host, Foreign Policy Advisor, Journalist, and Author