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SVWC is a festival of ideas and literature with some of the most extraordinary writers and thinkers in the world, the most generous audience one is ever likely to encounter – close to 1,000 people, a good number of whom wield considerable influence in business, politics, media, and entertainment circles, but all of whom love to read – in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the American West. The conference started in 1995 and is now considered by many to be the best literary festival in the U.S.

 JEFFREY_BROWN_BR_P1070019_SQ “. . .As advertised – it was the informal, shared experience with so many interesting and all-around wonderful people that made this a very special gathering.” Journalist JEFFREY BROWN, PBS NewsHour chief correspondent for arts, culture and society.
 EPSTEIN_BR_P1090178_SQ2 “. . . That was definitely one of the coolest experiences I’ve had . . . TED was neat . . . but it had nothing like the intimacy, honesty, and depth of the talks in Sun Valley . . . and not even to mention that the best part was getting to meet other writers. It was just an invigorating experience.” DAVID EPSTEIN, author of THE SPORTS GENE: INSIDE THE SCIENCE OF EXTRAORDINARY ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.
 WINCHESTER_BR_P1090521_SQ “We had an amazing time, and have to agree that of all the festivals I’ve ever been to, thus far, SVWC is far and away the best conceived and best executed. I am so very glad you invited me.” SIMON WINCHESTER, author of 22 books including THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN, KRAKATOA, THE MEANING OF EVERYTHING, and THE MAN WHO LOVED CHINA.
  • BENIOFF, David -96dpi- Credit HBO - 12-18-2015  

    David Benioff

    "Truth might be stranger than fiction, but it needs a better editor."
    CASEY, Susan - 300dpi - Credit Ruven Afanador - 1-11-2016  

    Susan Casey

    "All three dolphins were magnificent, absolute marvels of the ocean, and by all rights they should’ve been out in the Pacific, doing what 55 million years of evolution had designed them to do in the most important ecosystem on earth, instead of leaping to the beat of cheesy pop songs."

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