SVWC NOW: Jeffrey Toobin

SVWC NOW: Jeffrey Toobin


Why did Robert Mueller not get his man? It is one of the more vexing and fascinating questions for our time, one with serious implications for the democracy itself, and one that journalist JEFFREY TOOBIN answers in his new book, True Crimes and Misdemeanors. A page-turning read by a scrupulous reporter, Toobin’s book takes us through the years of the investigation, offering detailed portraits in particular of the two main protagonists, the flamboyant, twitter-addicted Donald Trump and his preternaturally careful nemesis, Robert Mueller. In this episode of SVWC NOW, the CNN legal analyst and author of highly-regarded books on the Supreme Court and on O.J. Simpson talks about Trump and the Constitution and about his own passion for not only getting the story but also for writing it with elegance and clarity.

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Photo Credit: Nils Ribi

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