Our Founders

Keven and Jim Bellows
Helen Bing
Louise and John Brinsley
Barbara Schuler and Ethan Canin
Sarah and Tim Cavanaugh
Kay Clapp
Nicholas Clapp
Digby Diehl
Mary Anne Dolan and
Brandon Stoddard
Leslie and Michael Engl
Anne Taylor Fleming and Karl Fleming
Lawrence Fraiberg
Peggy and Sam Grossman
David Halberstam
Anne Lamott
Leslie and Jon Maksik
Ellen and Frank McCourt
Paula and W. S. Merwin
Freida Lee Mock and
Terry Sanders
Ridley Pearson
Barbi Reed
Diane Josephy Peavey
Kristin Poole
George Russell
Jane T. Russell
Gordon Russell
Mark Salzman and Jessica Yu
Van Gordon Sauter and Kathleen Brown
John Burnham Schwartz and
Aleksandra Crapanzano
Shirley and Ralph Shapiro
Linda Sherwood
Reva and Bill Tooley
Julie Ann Wrigley