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Saturday, July 20 – Monday, July 22


Thank you for a wonderful 2023 Conference! Be sure to check out all the new content in our digital media library—both audio and video recordings available (some for a limited time).

Video Recordings of 2023 Talks


While our 2023 livestreaming videos have already aired, most are still available on our Livestreaming page (some for a limited time). Be sure to check them out if you missed them! Registration required.

2023 Presenters

Be Inspired.

Patrick Radden Keefe
Peter Boal
Curtis Sittenfeld
Jonathan Escoffery
Sarah Thankam Mathews
Javier Zamora
Abraham Verghese
Alexandra Petri
Evan Osnos
Albert R. Hunt
Annie Lowrey
Anne Applebaum
Ayad Akhtar
David Grann
Ezra Klein
Robert Kagan
Maria Hinojosa
Judy Woodruff
Jennifer Homans
Jake Barton
Imani Perry
Mohsin Hamid
Dave Barry
Andrea Elliott
Laura Wilson
Ed Yong
Willy Walker
Hernan Diaz
Michelle Kaufman
Tracy K. Smith
Terry McDonell
Emily St. John Mandel
Aleksandra Crapanzano

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Book Release

2023 Book Releases

We like to keep up with our SVWC family to see what they are publishing—below are the…

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“If through a book, you can find yourself in the shoes of another, in the shoes of a 12 year old bride… even in the shoes of a leper, you have achieved a kind of transcendence. Such a moment does not belong to the writer, or the reader. It belongs to all of us.”

Abraham Verghese
Author, The Covenant of Water

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We are beyond thrilled to offer space to learn and grow for our local educators! 📚 ⁠

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"Thank you once again for such a treat - candy for the mind!" -2023 Attendee⁠

📸: Dave Barry bringing own the house, per usual, by Jay Graham.⁠

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