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Tommy Orange
Pamela Paul
Niall Ferguson
Drew Gilpin Faust
Evan Osnos
Ayana Mathis
Clarissa Ward
Jean Hanff Korelitz
Paul Muldoon
Jonathan Eig
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Tiya Miles
Judy Blume
Jeffrey Goldberg
Erik Larson
Dennis Lehane
John Vaillant
Anne Lamott
Kristin Hannah
Maggie O’Farrell

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We are beyond honored that Sandra Day O`Connor graced us with her presence at the Writers` Conference back in 2003, and spent more than two decades blazing a trail and making history as a "fiercely independent defender of the rule of law, and an eloquent advocate for civics education" (Chief Justice John Roberts). The impact she has left on all of us cannot be overstated. We mourn her loss and celebrate her legacy. ⁠

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“In some ways, it was almost a natural preamble. A kind of counterpart for what we’re gonna be talking about today. That session, you’ll remember, was called, ‘The Alternate World.’ And it was a beautiful exposition of how to think about the imaginary. How do we make a world that doesn’t exist? And in some ways, our project today is the obverse of that. We are, as nonfiction writers, talking about what might be called, ‘The Inescapable World.’ The world as it is… the world that we live in, which does not relieve us of the need for imagination when it comes to solutions. But it means that we’re contending with the facts on the ground. All of the people here… all of us are contending with the facts of our geopolitical moment.”

Evan Osnos
American Journalist, Author

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