2021: The Global Wave of Authoritarianism

2021: The Global Wave of Authoritarianism and How to Counter It

In a trend both alarming and saddening, we have been witnessing an erosion of freedom around the world in recent years. From Poland to Turkey, from the Philippines to Hungary, the despots have been emboldened to jail their enemies, restrict free speech, and shackle the media just as Russia and China have become more assertive and repressive. No one has written and spoken about this dark turn with more informed passion than LARRY DIAMOND, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and one of the country’s leading scholars of democracy. As he does in his compelling book Ill Winds, Diamond is always wrestling with the hard questions: How do we confront Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping? How can we support activists, dissidents, and independent media struggling for freedom? What steps can we take to make the internet safe for liberal democracy? Diamond will share his answers with us and explain why he believes American leadership is required more than ever to stem the tide of tyranny.

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