2021: The Yellow House

2021: The Yellow House: A Love Story or the Landscape of Longing

Even after her childhood home in New Orleans was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, author and journalist SARAH BROOM found herself drawn to it with every nerve ending. In her evocative and moving memoir, The Yellow House—winner of the 2019 National Book Award for Nonfiction—she reconstructs from memory the shotgun house her mother Ivory Mae bought in 1961 where she raised Sarah and 11 other children. Join Broom on a literal and emotional tour—not just of the house and its large family but also of the city of New Orleans itself, with all the myths surrounding it and with all its racial and economic inequalities. She will contemplate the questions at the heart of her memoir: Who possesses the rights to the story of a place? Is geography destiny? How can a house continue to haunt you even after it has disappeared from the earth? After her talk, Broom will be joined by SVWC Board Director MITCHELL KAPLAN.

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