David Eagleman Gets In Your Head

In Episode 20, SVWC Literary Director JOHN BURNHAM SCHWARTZ speaks with 2016 Conference presenter DAVID EAGLEMAN, who not only teaches neuroscience at Stanford University, but is also CEO and co-founder of New Century, a company that develops devices for sensory substitution. Eagleman is the author most recently of Live Wired: The Inside Story of the Ever Changing Brain, as well as The BrainThe Story of You, and many other books. He’s the host of the new Netflix documentary, The Creative Brain. And not only all that, but his short story collection Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, inspired producer Brian Eno to write 12 new pieces of music, which they performed together at the Sydney Opera House.

In the conversation, we explore how Eagleman is a spirited and enlightening guide to so many important biological and moral issues underpinning our lives and behaviors from QAnon and cults to the wiring of Trump’s brain, to the relationship between identity, personality, biology, empathy, legal culpability and much, much more.