2019 Pavilion: Martin Amis – “Martin Amis & The Rub of Time”

2019: Martin Amis and the Rub of Time

As an internationally renowned journalist, critic, and novelist (The Rachel Papers, Money, Times Arrow to name but three), MARTIN AMIS has always turned his keen intellect and unrivaled prose loose on an astonishing range of topics—politics, sports, celebrity, America, his own life (he is the son of the novelist Kingsley Amis), and, of course, literature (especially his “twin peaks” of the art, Bellow and Nabokov). Amis has never shied away from being provocative, but he has also never been dull. Join him as, with his customary razor-sharp wit and kinetic language, he discusses his extraordinary literary life, his literary loves and hates, and his book The Rub of Time—a scintillating collection of his best nonfiction work over the past two decades— with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright AYAD AKHTAR.

**We apologize for the technical issues in this recording.**