Stephen Breyer

Associate Supreme Court Justice STEPHEN BREYER has spent his career at the highest echelons of academia and the law. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, then spent several years in the Justice Department’s anti-trust division before returning to Harvard to teach administrative law. In 1980, he was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the First Circuit Court of Appeals and a decade later became its chief judge. He has also served as an assistant special prosecutor at the Watergate hearings and as special legal counsel and later chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In 1994, President Bill Clinton appointed him to the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to writing books and articles on administrative law and economic regulation, Justice Breyer is the author of two books investigating the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s role in interpreting it: ACTIVE LIBERTY: INTERPRETING OUR CONSTITUTION and MAKING OUR DEMOCRACY WORK: A JUDGE’S VIEW. His most recent book, THE COURT AND THE WORLD, trains his long experience on the question of how international legal norms may influence Supreme Court decision-making.

Photo Credit: SCOTUS

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