SVWC Audio Archive

Over the years the Writers’ Conference has been privileged to host fine literary writers, global thinkers, and entertaining humorists who enrich all of our lives with their resonant voices. During the next several months we will be releasing additional talks from our archives. We hope this rich trove will be a resource for our communities, our educators, and our libraries.

We begin with presentations from 2017. In early 2018 we will be adding more talks from past years. Talks are listed alphabetically; simply select a name from the list and click on it to begin listening.

SVWC Classics

Over the course of our more than 20-year history, we have recorded many SVWC talks by our generous presenters, who have gifted us with their time and their words, speaking on a rich and sweeping range of topics. Below is a selection of those talks for your listening pleasure.

Please Note: Talks may take a minute or two to load the first time they are played. For best results, use the Google Chrome browser.