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Sally Bedell Smith

2017: The Royals

Helen MacDonald

2017: H Is For Hawk

Craig Johnson

2017: A Lightbulb, Two Chairs and Two Microphones

Adam Hochschild

2017: Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War

Laura Donohue

2017: Liberty Imperiled

Billy Collins

2017: Poetry and the Love of Strangers

David Brooks

2017: The Soul of America

A. Scott Berg

2017: World War I and America: Told By The Americans Who Lived It

Steve Coll

2018: The Journalist in the Age of Fake News

W. S. Merwin

1998: A Reading from The Folding Cliffs

Walter Isaacson

2012: The Passions of Steve Jobs

David Grossman

2011: Life and Literature in the Shadow of War

Dave Barry

2002: If Truth DOES Matter, I am in Serious Trouble

Rick Atkinson

2011: The Central Myth of the 20th Century

Naomi Shihab Nye

2012: Valley High: Some Poems to Send Us on Our Way

Frank McCourt

1998: The Underlying Story

David Halberstam

2001: The Culture of Celebrity

Alexandra Fuller

2012: Memories of an African Childhood

Thomas Cahill

2003: Close Encounters with the People of the Past

William Styron

2001: A Reading

Sir Peter Shaffer

2003: Brooding in the Snow: The Lessons of Shakespeare

Anna Quindlen

2000: Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Impassioned Writing Without Schmaltz

Adam Hochschild

2000: Uncovering a Forgotten Holocaust

Carl Hiaasen

2008: Florida and the Frontier of Weirdness

Abraham Verghese

2009: The Ideals of Medicine, Unchanged Since Antiquity

Robert Pinsky

2002: The Poet at Work

Naomi Shihab Nye

2000: Poetry to Live By

Anne Lamott

1996: Wit and Wisdom

David Brooks

2011: The Social Animal

More great listens: ARCHIVED AUDIO