SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Apr 3-9

SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Apr 3-9


Here’s what our SVWC alumni have been writing about this week:

David Brooks (SVWC 2011 & 2017) – “The Heart and Soul of the Biden Project” – The New York Times

Jeffrey Brown (SVWC 2013-2019) – “How Gabby Giffords is using music to rewire her brain after being shot” – PBS NewsHour

Deb Copaken (SVWC 2012) – “I Needed a Job. He Asked If I Was Proposing Marriage.” – The Atlantic

Maureen Corrigan (SVWC 2016) – “A Daughter Struggles to Escape Her Mother’s Shadow in ‘Libertie’” – NPR’s Fresh Air

Karen Crouse (SVWC 2018) – “A Rookie Wins the ANA Inspiration Ahead of a Fast-Closing Challenger” – The New York Times

Sheri Fink (SVWC 2015) – “George Floyd’s Cause of Death is Crucial in Trial. Forensic Pathologists Explain.” – The New York Times

Thomas L. Friedman (SVWC 2018) – “Israelis and Americans Both Are Asking, Whose Country Is This Anyway?” – The New York Times

Min Jin Lee (SVWC 2019) – “A Lifetime of Reading Taught Min Jin Lee How to Write About Her Immigrant World” – The New York Times

George Packer (SVWC 2008 & 2020) – “The Man Who Waited 50 Years for This Moment” – The Atlantic

Fareed Zakaria (SVWC 2018) – “A new key to covid success: Not states, but societies” – The Washington Post


Photo Credit: Nils Ribi

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