SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Feb 20-26

SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Feb 20-26


Here’s what our SVWC alumni have been writing about this week:

David Brooks (SVWC 2011 & 2017) – “How to Get Really Rich!” – The New York Times

Steve Coll (SVWC 2018) – “Will Biden’s Sanctions Help Restore Democracy in Myanmar?” – The New Yorker

Maureen Corrigan (SVWC 2016) – “A Botched Execution Leads to a Search For Answers in ‘Two Truths and a Lie’” – NPR’s Fresh Air

Karen Crouse (SVWC 2018) – “Medvedev’s Australian Open Loss Shows the Men’s Tennis Gulf is Still Strong” – The New York Times

Sheri Fink (SVWC 2015) – “See How Covid-19 Has Tested the Limits of Hospitals and Staff” – The New York Times

Thomas L. Friedman (SVWC 2018) – “Can You Believe This is Happening in America?” – The New York Times

Mark Leibovich (SVWC 2019) – “Merrick Garland Faces Resurgent Peril After Years Fighting Extremism” – The New York Times

Simon Winchester (SVWC 2013 – 2014, 2018) – “This Land is Whose Land?” – The New York Times


Photo Credit: Nils Ribi

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