2023 Talks Now Available Online!

2023 Talks Now Available Online!


Stream select audio & video recordings on our website!

While our 2023 livestreaming videos have already aired, most are still available on our website (some for a limited time). Be sure to check out these free video recordings of Pavilion Talks if you missed them (registration required). We also have a collection of free 2023 audio recordings from Breakout Sessions available—be sure to listen in before they’re gone!


Available 2023 Video Recordings

Pavilion Talks (registration required)

Tracy K. Smith – A Poetry Reading
Anne Applebaum – Ukraine, the European Union, and NATO
Ed Yong with Ezra Klein – An Immense World: A Conversation (expires Aug 7, 2023)
Abraham Verghese – The Covenant of Water
Alternate Worlds: The Literary Imagination at Work – Panel (expires Aug 7, 2023)
Jennifer Homans with Peter Boal – George Balanchine’s 20th Century
Robert Kagan – The Ghost at the Feast
America at a Crossroads: Why We Are So Divided and What Can Be Done About It – Panel
Javier Zamora – Solito: A Memoir
Will Democracy Survive?  – Panel
Ezra Klein with Willy Walker –  Artificial Intelligence
Jake Barton – The Storytelling Revolution
Dave Barry – Swamp Story: Dave Barry’s Florida


Available 2023 Audio Recordings

Breakout Sessions

Dave Barry & Alexandra Petri – How Humor Writing Has Changed
Jonathan Escoffery & Sarah Thankam Mathews – New Voices
Mohsin Hamid – The Last White Man
Michelle Kaufman – Tales from a Woman Sportwriter
Patrick Radden Keefe – Rogues (expires Aug 7, 2023)
Patrick Radden Keefe – Empire of Pain (expires Aug 7, 2023)
Annie Lowrey – The Post-Pandemic Economy
Emily St. John Mandel – Art, Time, Travel, Love, and Plague
Terry McDonell – Irma: The Education of a Mother’s Son
Imani Perry – South to America
Curtis Sittenfeld – Romantic Comedy
Ed Yong – Make It Make Sense (expires Aug 7, 2023)

…with more to come!

For more SVWC talks, check out our digital media library of past video and audio recordings.


Photo credit: Ray Gadd

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